Trentham School

Learning and succeeding together


Our School

Our Vision

“Develop skills for living and tools for learning. By being respectful, resourceful and strengthening relationships we become a resilient community.”

The Vision describes what we want for the young people at Trentham School. It states what we want our students to be, to know and to be able to do by the time they leave our school.

Our Values

At Trentham School the staff, students and community have developed the following set of values:

Excellence (Hiranga) – Willingness to aim high and persevere to achieve outstanding success. This means doing my best.

Responsibility (Kawenga) – Willingness to be answerable, to be trustworthy and accountable for one’s conduct and behaviour. This means being trustworthy.

Kindness (Manaaki) – Willingness to help, show concern for and be friendly to others. This means being a friend.

Honesty and Truthfulness (Pononga) – Willingness not to steal, cheat, lie, or be unfair. This means telling the truth.

Thinking (Whakaaro) – Willingness to question, reflect, investigate and create. This means wanting to find out more.

Consideration (Ngakau mahuratango) – Willingness to be kind, thoughtful and consider the interests of others before self. This means thinking of others.

Compassion (Aroha) – Willingness to be kind, empathise with, or show mercy to those who suffer. This means helping those in trouble.

Respect (Whakaute) – Willingness to treat with courtesy; to hold in high regard; to honour; to care about yourself and others. This means being caring.