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Home Learning


  1. To reinforce learning in class.

  2. To provide a positive link between home and school that enhances a student’s learning.

  3. To acknowledge participation in a range of activities in and outside of school.

  4. To develop students’ key competencies – thinking, relating to others, using language, symbols and texts, managing self, participating and contributing – through learning at home.


  1. Home learning is an optional programme for Year 0-6 students.  It is not compulsory, but will be provided and encouraged.

  2. Home learning will be provided to those children whose parents request it and opt into the programme at the beginning of the year.  It is the parent’s responsibility to support their child with the completion of home learning.

  3. To ensure consistency across the school, home learning requirements will be the same within each year level.  The focus will be on reading, spelling and basic facts. Essential lists and basic facts ladder tasks will be at the student’s appropriate level.  Reading books will go home daily for those students who require it. Home learning will be given out on a Monday.

  4. Time spent on home learning should not exceed 30 minutes each night.  

  5. Home learning will not be checked or marked by the class teacher and there will be no consequence for not completing it, and no reward for completing it.

  6. In addition to the home learning programme, Year 4-6 students have the option of participating in the Trentham Challenge programme which consists of a wide range of engaging and enjoyable challenges that involve the family and child.  

    a) The Trentham Challenge programme acknowledges many of the in-school and out-of-school  learning activities students are involved in.

    b) All students who successfully complete the minimum number of Challenges will be presented with a badge and a certificate acknowledging their achievement at the end of each year.

    c) Year 4-6 students will be encouraged and supported to participate in the Trentham Challenge when wanting to do extra home learning.

    d) Classes may choose to have a ‘sharing time’ where children who have completed a specific Challenge, can share what they have done.

    e) Completed Challenges are not marked by the teacher and there is no grading given.  The teacher will talk with a child about what they learnt from the Challenge, what went well, what they might do differently next time, etc.  The completed Challenge is signed off in the student’s Challenge booklet, and in the teacher’s record book.

Parent Support Booklet