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Behaviour Plan

Trentham School is a school where Teachers can teach and Learners can learn. For this to happen school and syndicate behaviour plans operate aimed at modifying behaviour that affects the learning, teaching, and safety of people here.

Students are expected to follow our school rules:

  1. We follow directions
  2. We use equipment properly
  3. We work and play co-operatively
  4. We use appropriate language
  5. We care about others
  6. We stay within the school boundaries and red lines
  7. We are positive role models for others.

Various initiatives jointly link together to support teachers to assist their students to be able to meet these expectations, eg:

  1. Our values programme focuses on life skills
  2. Each term over two years, classes (and hopefully families) focus on a different value such as responsibility, kindness, resilience, etc
  3. A playground peer mediation programme helps to resolve conflict.
  4. Setting goals at the time of enrolment for some students.

There is a series of defined steps and monitored consequences for when classroom or playground behaviour does not meet the above expectations.

Peer Mediator:

Our Behaviour Plan is supported by the Peer Mediation programme. Staff have ongoing professional training in this programme. Selected students are trained in Term 1 and are then available for rostered duty times during play and lunchtimes.

Rewarding Behaviour

Safe Plays:

Safe Plays are handed out to students who make appropriate choices in the playground. Students place their safe plays in a box in the classroom. All the safe plays are collected prior to our school assembly.

There is a Safe Play draw at school assemblies and all children who are drawn are invited to choose a gift from a display set up in the hall. The gifts can be vouchers, books, toys, play station time, H2O swimming pass, skating pass, McDonalds vouchers.

We are always on the look out for items to give the children as we give out 35 gifts each time. If you can assist in any way the school would be most grateful. The Home and School supports our Safe Play programme.

Classroom Awards:

There is a Junior, Middle and Senior Classroom behaviour plan, which is linked to the School Behaviour Management Plan. All classrooms have a reward system that recognises good behaviour.

Koru Team Classroom Behaviour Management Plan

Patu Team Classroom Behaviour Management Plan