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Te Roopu Kaiarahi

Our Te Roopu Kaiarahi help make important decisions on behalf of fellow students. They keep classes informed on what’s going on in the school and relay the children’s opinions to our school Leadership Team.

They help to run fun events, fundraise for charities and support school wide programmes that link to other aspects of learning. Each term they run a Wheels Day for students. They also participate in a joint student inquiry each year, which emerges from concerns, interests or current issues. Last year they looked into 'Keeping Safe' and taking refuge in New Zealand. As a result, they learnt all the stories of our refugee families that belong to our Trentham Community and found out more about refugees in New Zealand. They also made significant connections with the Upper Hutt Multicultural Council.

Te Roopu Kaiarahi receive leadership training and participate in the annual National Young Leader's Day.

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