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Student Leaders

"Students are open, enthusiastic and enjoy learning.  Positive relationships between students and staff support a productive learning environment."  

2012 ERO Report for Trentham School

Peer MediatorsPeer Mediators

Peer Mediation is about students helping students.

At Trentham School we have the “Cool Schools Peer Mediation Programme” running in the classroom and playground.  A group of selected senior students have been trained to help other children in the playground solve conflicts that may arise.  The skills the children learn are life skills which can be applied to everyday conflicting situations.

The Peer Mediators do a fantastic job to keep our school a happy and safe place.

School PatrolsPatrols

The road patrols are run by senior students who are volunteers.  They are trained by the Police Education Officer.

The students are rostered on one day per week. They operate the ‘lollipops’ on the Moonshine Road crossing or at the traffic lights on Fergusson Drive. Each crossing is policed by an adult.

Every day five student patrollers are on duty.  On cold mornings patrollers are warmed up with a hot cup of milo when they return to class.